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FactorTrust emerges as a distinct entity in the bustling credit scoring software landscape, guiding lenders to navigate the complexity of risk assessment beyond the traditional credit report spectrum. In an industry that underpins financial decisions on a massive scale, FactorTrust offers a specialized focus on alternative credit data, a niche yet crucial aspect that could be a game-changer for lenders eyeing untapped market segments.

One of FactorTrust's standout features is its dedication to alternative credit data. This is pivotal for lenders who are looking to assess the creditworthiness of individuals who might not have an extensive credit history or are underserved by conventional credit reporting agencies. By leveraging non-traditional data sources, FactorTrust provides lenders with a broader, more inclusive view of a borrower's financial behavior. This is not only a testament to the company's innovative approach but also a commitment to financial inclusion, ensuring that credit opportunities are accessible to a wider audience, including those who are new to credit or have been historically overlooked.

The use of such alternative data points can be a boon for lenders, especially when combined with the power of big data, machine learning, and AI – technologies that FactorTrust incorporates into its offerings. These advanced tools enable lenders to parse through vast amounts of information quickly and accurately, delivering a more nuanced risk profile of potential borrowers. This is where FactorTrust's service shines, as it allows for a more precise risk evaluation, which is essential in a competitive market where the margin for error is increasingly slim.

From a customer's perspective, the appeal of FactorTrust lies in its potential to unlock new customer segments. Lenders equipped with richer, more comprehensive credit insights can make more informed decisions, potentially approving loans for customers who would otherwise be denied based on traditional credit checks. This not only fosters a sense of inclusivity but also opens up new revenue streams for lenders willing to embrace this broader approach to credit scoring.

However, the embrace of alternative data is not without its challenges. The accuracy and relevance of such data can be difficult to ascertain, and there is a learning curve associated with interpreting these new types of information. FactorTrust, recognizing this, seems committed to guiding its clients through these uncharted waters, aiming to strike a balance between innovation and reliability.

In the credit scoring software industry, where stalwarts like VantageScore Solutions and FICO dominate with their proprietary models, FactorTrust carves out its own space by catering to a specific need. It doesn't try to be a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it acknowledges the diversity of the lending landscape and the unique challenges that come with it.

While FactorTrust's specialized services set it apart, prospective clients should consider whether this focus aligns with their business model and objectives. For those seeking a more conventional credit scoring service, FactorTrust might not be the primary choice. However, for lenders looking to expand their horizons and inclusivity, FactorTrust presents a compelling option.

In summary, FactorTrust stands as a forward-thinking player in the credit scoring arena, offering lenders a way to widen their lens on creditworthiness. Its services may not replace the traditional credit scoring giants but serve as a complementary tool that could lead to more equitable lending practices. As the industry continues to evolve, FactorTrust's commitment to alternative data is a clear indication that the credit scoring narrative is expanding to include a broader spectrum of financial stories.

Products and Services

FactorTrust provides a comprehensive suite of credit scoring solutions that leverage alternative credit data, advanced fraud detection, and inclusive assessment methods powered by big data, machine learning, and AI, catering to lenders who require a nuanced approach to risk assessment beyond traditional credit reports.

Alternative Credit Data

FactorTrust specializes in alternative credit data, offering unique insights for lenders looking to assess risk beyond traditional credit reports.

Risk Scoring

Provides risk scoring services to evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals using non-traditional data sources.

Fraud Detection

Includes fraud detection capabilities to help lenders identify and mitigate potential fraud in credit applications.

Inclusive Credit Assessments

Employs sophisticated platforms that leverage big data, machine learning, and AI to deliver more accurate and comprehensive credit insights for a more inclusive credit assessment.


  • Specializes in alternative credit data, providing insights into consumer and small business financial behaviors not captured by traditional bureaus.

  • Machine learning and advanced analytics enable more precise risk assessments and lending decisions.

  • Innovative solutions cater to lenders seeking to manage risk and improve profitability effectively.


  • Reliance on alternative data may not be as widely accepted by all lenders, potentially limiting market penetration.

  • Advanced analytics require robust infrastructure, which may pose a challenge for smaller lenders to fully adopt.

Getting Started

Signing up with FactorTrust means you'll start utilizing their alternative credit data and analytics to make informed lending decisions. Initially, you will likely explore their database to understand consumer credit behavior not typically reported to traditional credit bureaus. You can expect to use their services for identity verification and fraud prevention as well. To get started with FactorTrust, visit their website and reach out to their team for more information. If FactorTrust doesn't seem right for you, feel free to check out the rest of our rankings.