About Finicity

Finicity stands out in the dynamic landscape of Credit Scoring Software as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the realm of open banking solutions. As a subsidiary of Mastercard, Finicity provides a robust platform that connects disparate financial data sources, offering a comprehensive view that enables informed decision-making for consumers and businesses alike. The company's emphasis on open banking solutions is not just a tech buzzword but a significant stride toward financial transparency and control, empowering users to share their financial data securely and with confidence.

The platform’s offerings are diverse, catering to various needs such as lending decisions, income and employment verification, cash flow analysis, and payment solutions. For instance, their FCRA-compliant data services for lending decisions speak to the heart of creditworthiness, ensuring that lenders have access to reliable and accurate information. This is a critical component for businesses looking to minimize risk while extending credit.

Moreover, Finicity's clean, categorized, and aggregated account data services are a testament to their commitment to data quality. This is particularly important for customers who require precise and up-to-date information for personal financial management or business analytics.

In the age of digital transformation, the ease of integration offered by Finicity's APIs is a major plus. Developers can tap into the platform's capabilities to enhance their own products, which can be a deciding factor for tech-savvy customers looking to streamline their services with minimal fuss.

While Finicity is part of a larger family of credit scoring giants, its focus on financial inclusion sets it apart. Services like LenddoEFL and Nova Credit cater to underserved populations and newcomers to the U.S., respectively, highlighting an industry trend towards more inclusive credit assessments. Finicity contributes to this trend by offering open banking solutions that cater to a broad customer base, including those typically underserved by traditional financial institutions.

That said, no company is without room for improvement. For potential customers, the wealth of options and technical jargon presented by Finicity could be overwhelming. The company could benefit from simplifying its communication to be more accessible to the average user who may not be as well-versed in financial technology.

In conclusion, Finicity appears to be a solid choice for businesses and consumers seeking to leverage financial data for better decision-making. Its open banking platform is a forward-thinking solution that addresses the needs of a digitally evolving customer base while promoting financial inclusion. As with any service, prospective users should assess their specific needs against Finicity's suite of services to ensure it's the right fit for them. However, for those in the market for a comprehensive and innovative credit scoring service, Finicity is definitely worth considering.

Products and Services

Finicity offers a suite of open banking solutions that provide real-time financial data and verification services, such as asset, income, and employment verifications, cash flow analysis, and credit decisioning, to empower consumers and businesses with FCRA-compliant, consumer-permissioned insights for informed financial decision-making.

FCRA-compliant data

Data that adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, utilized for lending decisions and verification purposes.

Asset Verification

Service providing insights and verification of assets for an individual's or business's current financial portfolio in real time.

Income Verification

Verification service that provides up to twenty four months of accurate income history, facilitating better lending decisions.

Employment Verification

A service offering real-time, digital employment verification from multiple data sources for enhanced accuracy and convenience.


  • Extensive coverage with 95% of Financial Institution accounts in the U.S., ensuring comprehensive data access.

  • Part of the Mastercard family, benefiting from the associated trust and global presence.

  • Open Banking Platform offers a seamless integration of financial data, enhancing user experience and efficiency.


  • The recent update in data privacy policy indicates ongoing changes that users need to stay abreast of.

  • Being part of a larger corporation like Mastercard could mean slower innovation cycles compared to standalone companies.

Getting Started

Signing up with Finicity, a Mastercard company, will give you access to their open banking platform, providing financial data for lending decisions and verification. You can expect to start by exploring their solutions for lending, managing, and paying, which include FCRA-compliant data and account data for payments. You will likely begin by integrating Finicity's APIs into your financial applications. To get started with Finicity, visit their website, and if you need further guidance, their customer support will assist you. Should Finicity not fit your needs, there are other companies in our rankings to consider.