About Nova Credit

Nova Credit emerges as an intriguing player in the bustling Credit Scoring Software industry, offering a unique proposition that aims to bridge the financial inclusion gap for immigrants—a commendable and much-needed service in today's globalized world. Their platform translates international credit data, allowing newcomers to the United States to carry forward their credit history from their home countries. This is not only innovative but also potentially life-changing for immigrants who often face considerable challenges when starting afresh in a new financial system.

The company's services appear to be a blend of technological sophistication and a deep understanding of the immigrant experience. With a focus on customer-permissioned profiles from leading credit bureaus and financial institutions, Nova Credit's analytics are designed to expand underwriting capabilities, enabling clients to confidently reach new customer segments. This approach is particularly valuable for financial institutions seeking to tap into a demographic that is traditionally underserved by conventional credit scoring methods.

Nova Credit's offerings, namely Credit Passport® and Cash Atlas®, hint at a dual approach to credit assessment—leveraging both traditional and alternative financial data. Credit Passport® seeks to provide insights into an immigrant's creditworthiness, a tool that could be instrumental for banks, fintechs, and other lenders in making informed credit decisions. On the other hand, Cash Atlas® offers the promise of improving credit risk assessments by integrating bank transaction data, potentially offering a more nuanced view of a consumer's financial health.

While the company's focus on financial inclusion is clear, it is also apparent that they operate with a compliance-forward approach. As they function globally under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the U.S., Nova Credit treads carefully with consumer data, which should offer some peace of mind to both clients and consumers concerned about privacy and regulatory adherence.

Nova Credit's technology stack and expertise are not to be understated. With a claim of expedited implementation times and a platform that is purpose-built for credit risk assessment, the company positions itself as not just a service provider but as a strategic partner for businesses. This is bolstered by a team of experts in credit risk and lending, offering not only integration services but strategic advice and ongoing support.

However, no service is without its limitations, and potential clients should consider whether Nova Credit's specialized focus aligns with their business needs. For those dealing primarily with consumers who have a long-standing financial presence in the U.S., the value proposition might not be as strong. Additionally, the nuanced nature of international credit data translation might present its own set of challenges, both in terms of accuracy and comprehensiveness.

In conclusion, Nova Credit stands out for its mission-driven approach to credit scoring, aiming to create a more inclusive financial ecosystem. Their service is a testament to the power of data and technology when used thoughtfully to address real-world problems. For lenders looking to broaden their horizons and include a demographic that is all too often overlooked, Nova Credit offers a compelling solution that is worth considering.

Products and Services

Nova Credit offers innovative financial solutions that empower consumers, especially newcomers to the U.S., by providing access to credit through services that translate international credit data and leverage consumer-permissioned financial data for creditworthiness assessments, risk management, and income verification to facilitate inclusive and informed financial decision-making.

Credit Passport

A service that provides analytics into a newcomer's creditworthiness when applying for financial products like credit cards, loans, device financing, and more. It translates international credit data from 2 billion credit profiles in real time to a standardized credit report.

Cash Atlas

A tool designed to improve credit risk assessment using bank transaction data. It aids in predicting risk for thick-file consumers and expanding credit access to thin-file and no-file consumers by leveraging consumer-permissioned bank transaction data to layer affordability on existing underwriting models.

Cash Atlas VOI

Automates income verification processes and reduces time to fund by utilizing cash-flow underwriting, which diminishes friction in applications by eliminating manual document uploads and review.

Consumer Marketplace

A platform that offers a variety of U.S. financial products to newcomers, including credit cards, mobile phone plans, auto loans, and student loans, with a feature to check eligibility for these products.


  • Enables newcomers to access credit in the U.S. by translating international credit data, filling a unique market niche.

  • Offers solutions across various verticals, demonstrating versatility and adaptability to different market needs.

  • Backed by significant Series C funding, signaling investor confidence and growth potential.


  • As a newer player focusing on immigrant credit data, it may have limited recognition among traditional credit users.

  • Expansion into new markets like Canada will test the scalability and adaptability of its credit models.

Getting Started

Once you've signed up with Nova Credit, you'll start accessing consumer-permissioned credit data from international credit bureaus to reach new customers and optimize funnel conversion. Nova Credit specializes in solutions for newcomers to the United States, enabling them to use their international credit history. The first steps after signing up may involve setting up your account and exploring how to use their Credit Passport® and Cash Atlas® products. To initiate your journey with Nova Credit, visit their website and reach out to their team. If you're still deciding, you can review the rest of our rankings.