About Upstart

Upstart is a forward-thinking player in the Credit Scoring Software industry, a sector that's crucial for lenders and financial institutions to assess creditworthiness and manage lending risks. Upstart stands out for its use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer personal and car refinance loans, which is a leap beyond traditional credit scoring methods.

One of the company's most commendable features is its commitment to providing loans with low fixed rates, complemented by a transparent fee structure. This approach to lending is particularly appealing to consumers who are wary of hidden costs often associated with financial products. The application process is streamlined and user-friendly, with the potential for customers to receive loan funds the next business day, providing they meet the acceptance criteria within the operational window. This efficiency is a significant draw for customers needing quick financial solutions.

Upstart's use of AI doesn't just benefit the speed of service; it also enhances the accuracy of credit assessments. By analyzing more data points than traditional methods, Upstart can offer a more nuanced view of a borrower's creditworthiness. This technology allows for higher approval rates without increasing risk, which is a win-win for both the lender and the borrower. It's a particularly inclusive approach that may benefit those with limited credit history, potentially opening doors for consumers who might otherwise be overlooked by conventional credit scoring systems.

However, it's important to note that while checking your rate with Upstart won't affect your credit score, proceeding with an application will. This is standard across the industry, but something potential borrowers should keep in mind. Additionally, while there's no prepayment penalty—which is a plus for those who might want to pay off their loan early—customers should always be mindful of the APR, which can vary based on credit, income, and other factors provided in the loan application.

Upstart is not the lender itself but operates a marketplace that connects borrowers with regulated financial institutions. This model allows for a diverse range of loan products and rates, which can be beneficial for customers looking for options tailored to their specific financial situation. Moreover, with a reported average yearly savings of $1,065 for auto loan refinancing customers, Upstart's service can lead to significant financial benefits over time.

One potential downside for some customers could be the reliance on technology, which, while sophisticated and efficient, may not suit those who prefer more traditional, human-led service. However, for the tech-savvy and those who appreciate innovation in financial services, Upstart's platform is an attractive proposition.

In an industry that can often feel impersonal, Upstart's approach to lending feels refreshingly modern and customer-centric. By leveraging AI and machine learning, it provides a service that not only meets the needs of today's borrowers but also anticipates the future of lending. For customers navigating the often complex world of personal finance, Upstart offers a compelling option that balances technological innovation with financial inclusivity.

Products and Services

Upstart offers a variety of financial solutions aimed at simplifying debt management and providing cost-effective borrowing options, with a focus on leveraging technology to deliver quick and easy loan approvals, along with transparent pricing and terms designed to improve the overall lending experience for consumers.

Personal Loans

Consolidate debt and more with unsecured personal loans offering fixed rates and no hidden fees, with funds available the next day after approval.

Car Loan Refinance

Swap your current car loan for one with potentially lower APR or reduced monthly payments, offering average yearly savings and quick rate checking.

Debt Consolidation

Combine multiple forms of debt into a single monthly payment, potentially with lower monthly payments or a more affordable interest rate.

Credit Card Consolidation

Refinance high-interest credit card debt with a personal loan to potentially lower your interest rate and streamline payments into one fixed monthly amount.


  • Offers a unique approach to loan approval by considering factors beyond credit scores, like education and employment, for more inclusive lending.

  • Strong track record with over 2.8 million customers served, indicating high market penetration and customer trust.

  • Features like next-day fund availability and no prepayment penalties enhance customer satisfaction and flexibility.


  • Interest rates range widely, which might not be appealing for all borrowers.

  • Reliance on non-traditional factors for credit scoring could lead to challenges in standard risk assessment practices.

Getting Started

After signing up with Upstart, you'll begin the process of leveraging their AI-driven lending platform to provide personal and auto refinance loans. The platform is designed to offer low fixed rates and the possibility of next-day fund access. Upstart's initial experience includes checking your rate online without affecting your credit score, followed by an instant approval for most customers. To get started with Upstart, go to their website, check your rate, and follow their step-by-step loan application process. If Upstart doesn't meet your requirements, consider looking at the other companies in our rankings.