First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) positions itself as a steadfast provider in the realm of personal and business insurance. With a heritage that speaks volumes about its commitment to the industry, FICOH is not just an insurance provider but a community member that aims to offer a blend of local service backed by the strength of a global network, particularly as part of the Tokio Marine Group.

For individuals seeking insurance, FICOH's offerings are comprehensive. From auto and homeowners insurance to renters and flood coverage, the company seems to understand the unique needs of its clientele. The emphasis on local expertise, coupled with a global backing, suggests a level of service that is both personal and powerful. The array of personal insurance products, including bundles, speaks to the company's flexibility and understanding of customer needs for tailored insurance solutions.

On the business front, FICOH's commercial insurance products are equally robust. The company provides commercial package insurance, general liability, property, and umbrella coverage, among others. This shows a keen awareness of the diverse risks businesses face and a readiness to provide the necessary protection. For businesses worried about operational hiccups due to unforeseen liabilities, FICOH's businessowners package (BOP) offers a reassuring safety net, promising swift recovery and business continuity.

FICOH's commitment to risk management and safety is also notable. With programs focusing on workers' compensation and risk and safety management, the company not only provides insurance but also works to prevent losses before they happen. This proactive approach is indicative of a company that values its customers' well-being and financial health.

The company's website serves as a convenient portal for customers to obtain quotes, find agents, and manage their policies online. This digital capability, while expected in today's market, does indicate FICOH's willingness to embrace technology to enhance customer experience. However, the accessibility and user-friendliness of these online tools are aspects that could be further explored by potential customers.

In the crowded space of credit scoring and insurance, FICOH manages to stand out with its focus on personalized service and a strong backing. While not explicitly mentioned, the implication of a high ranking suggests that FICOH's performance and customer satisfaction are significant. Yet, customers would benefit from transparent insights into FICOH's customer service experiences and claims handling, as these are critical factors in choosing an insurance provider.

In conclusion, while FICOH appears to be a solid choice for insurance needs in Hawaii, customers are always encouraged to conduct thorough research. Comparing coverage options, evaluating customer service reviews, and understanding the claims process are all necessary steps to ensure that an insurance company aligns with personal or business needs. With its rich history and robust offerings, FICOH seems poised to provide quality insurance solutions, but as with all choices regarding insurance, due diligence is key.

Products and Services

FICOH offers a comprehensive suite of insurance products that cater to both personal and business needs, ensuring financial protection and risk management for assets, properties, and vehicles, backed by the reputation and global strength of the Tokio Marine Group.

Personal Auto Insurance

Coverage for personal vehicles, providing protection against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft.

Homeowners Insurance

Protection for your home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions within it.

Renters Insurance

Insurance coverage that provides protection for your personal property within a rented property.

Commercial Package

Bundled coverage solutions for business insurance needs, including property and liability coverage.


  • Over a century of experience in providing insurance services in Hawaii, offering deep market knowledge and stability.

  • Strong financial performance with substantial gross written premiums and net income, indicating a solid market position.

  • Efficient underwriting with a combined ratio that showcases operational efficiency.


  • Focused primarily on the Hawaiian market, which may limit growth opportunities compared to competitors with a broader geographical reach.

  • The insurance-based financial services might not align with customers looking for more traditional credit scoring products.

Getting Started

Upon signing up with First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH), you'll begin to explore their extensive range of personal and commercial insurance products. Your initial experience will likely involve obtaining a quote for the specific type of insurance you need, whether that's auto, homeowners, renters, or commercial insurance. FICOH also provides online services for easy quote requests and claims filing. To get started with FICOH, visit their website and reach out to an agent. If FICOH doesn't meet your insurance needs, you can review the other companies in our rankings.